Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (Nov. 2020)

Following instructions from the UK Government, the Dance of Hitchin outlet will be closed from November 5th until December 2nd.

We are still available by phone on 01462 435988 (diverted to mobile) and orders can be placed through the web site.
We are able to deliver locally in person or by post.

Please ring for help, advice or guidance.

Dance Steps Academy Uniform

Dance Steps Academy Approved Uniform – ballet, tap, modern: shoes, leotards, tights, skirts and more. (A size chart is available)


Approved uniform for ballet.

Primary, Standard 1 and Standard 2

Grade 3 to 4

Grade 5 to 6


Approved uniform for tap.

Beginners to Grade 3

Option for Grade 3 and Onwards

Grade 4